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Three Happy Cows Primed for Growth with Taco Bell
QSR Magazine, July 31, 2014
“Three Happy Cows got its humble start as a drinkable yogurt operation in Dallas, but as Taco Bell’s first Greek yogurt supplier, the boutique brand is making its foray into quick-service dining with a bang. Should the Mexican-inspired chain’s test of its new Greek yogurt parfait, which is part of the Power Breakfast platform, perform well, Three Happy Cows could see its vanilla bean Greek yogurt available in more than 5,700 quick-serve restaurants across the U.S.”

NC Biscuit and Doughnut Shop Rises to the Occasion 
QSR Magazine, July 29, 2014
“As Southern fare gains popularity across the U.S., one Durham, North Carolina–based biscuit and doughnut shop is rising to the occasion with a newly launched franchising program. Just two years in to the venture, Rise Biscuits & Donuts founder Tom Ferguson is ready to bring his award-winning sweet and savory treats to new markets.”

Cinnaholic Puts Custom Spin on Bakery Classic 
QSR Magazine, June 27, 2014
“For years, the build-your-own model in the dessert segment rarely applied to anything but ice cream shops and frozen yogurt brands. But California-based Cinnaholic aims to change that. Cofounders Florian Radke and Shannon Michelle Radke are taking their customizable cinnamon roll bakery business to the national stage with a new store prototype and franchise program.”

Think of the Children: Kona Ice Meets New School Regulations 
QSR Magazine, May 29, 2014
“Quick-service brands that partner with schools are facing stricter federal regulations thanks to the 2013 introduction of the Unites States Department of Agriculture’s Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards. As the guidelines swing into full effect on July 1, mobile truck brand Kona Ice will continue its support of nearly 2,500 schools as a fundraising partner with revamped products specifically designed to meet the new rules.”

Chicago Pastry Chef Tells Her Baker’s Tale
QSR Magazine, March 18, 2014
“Launching a new concept in an already crowded segment often requires creativity and differentiation. For Christine LaSorda, owner of A Baker’s Tale, a new concept gave her the opportunity to turn a childhood vision into reality while delivering a unique consumer experience.
Opened March 18 in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, A Baker’s Tale offers high-end pastries and a limited lunch menu in a whimsical fast-casual setting.”

Pinkberry Hits Sweet Spot with Maria Sharapova Partnership
QSR Magazine, February 27, 2014
“Coming soon to Pinkberry locations nationwide: Maria Sharapova’s exclusive line of high-end gummy candies will be available at the frozen-yogurt chain’s topping bar and for in-store retail. Sugarpova, launched by the tennis star in 2013, will be the first independent brand featured and marketed in Pinkberry stores in this capacity. “

Luke’s Lobster Leverages Literary Laborers
QSR Magazine, February 20, 2014
“That a strong company culture goes a long way in ensuring the success of a quick serve is no secret, but few brands cultivate that culture with employees’ personal interests and hobbies in mind. At Luke’s Lobster, a New York City–based fast casual with locations in Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia, corporate leadership invests in staff by supporting and promoting creative endeavors in a homemade literary magazine. “

QSR‘s Denise Lee Yohn Talks Great Brands
QSR Magazine, January 23, 2013
“Branding expert Denise Lee Yohn spent 25 years acquainting Americans with some of today’s most well known brands, including Sony, Land Rover, and New Balance. In the quick-serve industry, she has worked with leaders such as Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Jamba Juice. Equipped with a toolbox of brand-building techniques that grow a company from the inside out, Yohn took her show on the road as a speaker, consultant, and writer, penning QSR’s Brand New Perspectives column and her forthcoming book, What Great Brands Do: The Seven Brand-Building Principles that Separate the Best from the Rest. Yohn shares how she got her start in branding and what quick serves can learn from her seven principles.”

Slapfish Reels In International Franchise Deal 
QSR Magazine, December 3, 2013
“Slapfish, the California-based sustainable seafood brand, is setting sail for the international franchise market. Created by chef Andrew Gruel and his business partner, Jethro Naude, the former food truck concept signed a 75-unit deal for the Middle East and is exploring deals in China and India, as well as cities within the U.S. Its first franchise unit is slated to open in Dubai through Magnolia Enterprises.”

Chipotle’s Next Big Thing 
QSR Magazine, December 2013
“Chipotle is tapping into new consumer occasions with the recent national rollout of its catering program. The added operation allows the brand to compete in a different space with fast-casual concepts like Panera and Qdoba Mexican Grill that have established catering options.”

Bonanza and Ponderosa Lasso In Consumers with Revamp
QSR Magazine, November 14, 2013
“Somewhere between the Wild West of quick serves and fast casuals and the frontier of full-service dining lies a middle ground occupied by family-style hybrids. Two such concepts, longtime American staples Bonanza and Ponderosa, are stampeding ahead of the rest by revitalizing their brands to remain competitive with both sides of the restaurant industry.”

Order’s Up for Pizza Hut’s Mobile Platform
QSR Magazine, November 5, 2013
“Nearly twenty years ago, a Pizza Hut pizza marked the first online purchase as the Internet boom began, according to the brand. Now, the national pizza chain is keeping step with innovation by rolling out an improved mobile ordering app and refreshing its mobile website.”

Menchie’s Meets Its Undercover Boss
QSR Magazine, October 23, 2013
“Amit Kleinberger got up close and personal with his employees—and the rest of America can, too. The CEO of the frozen yogurt concept Menchie’s is the most recent guest on Undercover Boss, and his episode airs on CBS on October 25.”

Jack in the Box Amps Up Late Night
QSR Magazine, October 21, 2013
“Jack in the Box is catering to a new group of nine-to-five consumers: those looking for good eats between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.”

Spike Mendelsohn Rolls Out the Good Stuff
QSR Magazine, October 14, 2013
“Celebrity chef Spike Mendelsohn wants to bring customers the good stuff. The former Top Chef contestant is prepared to franchise his family’s fast-casual burger concept, Good Stuff Eatery.”