14,000 (Or So) Things To Be Happy About

After my last sappy, sentimental and sad post, I felt the need to follow up with a peppy, happy one. A few weeks ago, a friend shared with me a book she had picked up at a random book sale once–it’s called 14,000 Things To Be Happy About and, well, it’s quite literally a list of 14,000 things that people should be happy about. From simple things like strawberry ice cream and rainbows, to more quirky entries like carolers singing around a Norwegian spruce and the sun burning off the morning fog, this book quite honestly covers it all. We sat around for an hour just taking turns reading off random pages of the book late one night and it was practically magical. Being the organization freak that I am, I’m already pre-disposed to love all things listed. And it was enough to just read the words off the pages–I didn’t need fresh flowers or a day at the beach in that very moment–it was enough to be in good company, simply thinking about happy things. Sometimes that’s all it takes, sometimes you just need to remember that there are so many happy things! At least 14,000 of them. That’s a crap ton of happiness if you ask me.


So since today marks my golden-birthday-fuck-I’m-old-treat-myself-week-long-extravaganza, I thought I’d take the time to celebrate some of the things that are going to make this week happy.

First and foremost–the world answering my plea of desperation from my last blog post has brought me so much joy. Just as I was lamenting about losing friends and saying goodbye, I’ve been granted a visit from not one, but two of my dearest friends! My sister (term used loosely here) and partner in crime since third grade, Kelly, lands in Boston bright and early Monday morning! Then Fancy Photographer Aaron is making a pit-stop in Beantown later in the week too! As if that wasn’t already perfect, here are just a few more things that I’m looking forward to:

Warm weather. Sunshine. First day of spring. Blossoms. A new plant for my dorm room. Showing friends around the city. Buying chocolates. Walking to the Esplanade. Sitting at the dock. Feeding ducks.Having a picnic. Ziplines. Flip flops. Painting my nails. Glitter polish. Trips to Little Italy. Pastries. Regina’s and Mike’s. Crowded streets. Children running around. Midnight excursion to Bova’s. Birthday cake. Candles. Brunch. Hearing the laughter of an old friend. Making my own iced tea every morning. Food trucks. Long walks for frozen yogurt. Waking up to a familiar face. Adventuring to Cambridge. Art museums. Used book stores. Trying new restaurants. Jazz clubs. Skipping classes. Old friends meeting new friends. Girls night on the town. Air mattresses. Great hugs. Juicy burgers. Scrambled eggs. Cooking breakfast. Anything deep-fried. Going blonde again. Nice cameras. Tanning in the Common. Summer dresses. Wedge heels. People watching. Catching up. Being thankful. Putting away the icky feelings, if only for a little while.


Let the golden-birthday-fuck-I’m-old-treat-myself-week-long-extravaganza begin!



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