The Dangers Of Dating A Writer

I’m not afraid to be excessively personal sometimes. Especially in my writing. I mean my most frequented blog post was inspired by my two failed relationships and I’m not afraid to laugh at myself for that. But sometimes I questions if maybe I’m being a little unfair to the people I write about.

Today in one of my workshops classes, we were faced with the task of characterizing a letter in the alphabet. I chose Z because it’s easy to do–he’s the stubborn asshole who always has to have the last word. And then before I knew it I was writing about my ex-boyfriend and was thrilled at the prospect of sharing and getting a laugh out of the class. Cue small moment of morality and inner ethical debate. Z is so much more than a stubborn asshole… it wouldn’t be quite fair to expose him like that to a group of strangers just for a good laugh and validation of my beautiful syntax. So the little witty passage remains unread by stranger’s eyes. I can’t quite say the same for other things I’ve written though.

For the past week or so, I’ve struggled a bit with this notion of being overly personal. I’ve been debating about the idea of being a writer for the relationships section for one of Emerson’s most popular publications (wouldn’t that be ironic). I even had a fantastic idea for a draft writing sample that would chronicle my love conquests since being back at Emerson and how it’s perfectly acceptable for a girl to be the  initiator of a booty-call… but then I realized that it was a fairly crappy idea because 1. it would actually only take me a sentence or two to summarize those so-called “conquests” and 2. it would be quite unfair to anyone I wrote about. Needlessly to say, I’ve withdrawn my application.

But the fact still remains that I have very little filter sometimes. So men, consider this rant a formal warning against the dangers of dating, liking, kissing, even complimenting a writer. Because we will likely write about it. Seriously, anything is worthy of mention. That stranger that smiled at me as I was haphazardly staring into space in his general direction while walking up the stairs? Yeah, you’re fair game too. Smiling at girls you don’t know can make them creeped out. Guy in the flannel from my lit class yesterday that I kept making awkward eye contact with? Yeah, I’ll write about you too. And no, not all of that eye contact was accidental. But what’s a girl to do when there are only three guys in a twenty-some person lit class? Though I try to my best to practice the art of discretion and never go too far with the things I divulge, I’m bound to write something at some point about the people in my life. I should apologize to anyone in advanced that I offend but hey, consider it a compliment that I thought about you enough to write about you!

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