Crazy Happy Peppy Orientation

Hello blog-verse,

If you happen to feel neglected recently, I am truly apologetic. You see… I’ve sold my soul to the Emerson College Orientation. It’s been a packed past two days and the fun’s not over yet. All these activities sadly leave me without much time to blog! And right now I can’t manage anything more extravagant or eloquent than this pathetic, short entry of a blog. So instead of trying (and likely disappointing), I’d like to leave you with a crazy happy peppy (and Lady Gaga-y) video of the crazy happy peppy events from last year’s orientation presented by The Emerson Channel!


P.S. Please don’t disown me for slacking on my blogging… I promise I won’t be so lame when I’m better rested.

2 responses to “Crazy Happy Peppy Orientation

  1. Hahaha I think working for Orientation may even be more fun than going to it… you should definitely try it!

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