Getting Pumped For Orientation Week!

If I had to pick one week that could be crowned “The Best Week Of My Life,” it would, undoubtably, be my first week at Emerson–the week of my freshman orientation. It was essentially an entire week of college-style summer camp. Some really cool things that happened:


Wacky orientation leaders screamed my name for a good five minutes while helping unpack my car in record time.*

I got to listen to dating advice from the ever-so-smart and funny David Coleman, America’s real life “Hitch”!*

And heard from the Project Runway season five finalist, Korto Momolu.*

A seriously thrilling week. And this year, I get to experience Orientation Week in the shoes of an Orientation Leader!! That means helping new Emersonians have just as much of an awesome time as I did! SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! And I think my orientees are too! Earlier this summer I made each of them little Emerson pennants.

Here is one of my awesome orientees proudly showing it off! Can’t wait to meet everyone!

*Photos from the Emerson College Flickr

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