Serenaded By Canadian Angels

During my time in Ottawa, I met a pair of angels. Better yet, Canadian angels (which means they -likely- speak French). It was early afternoon on a beautifully sunny Monday and my traveler friends and I were strolling the streets of ByWard Market when we heard the echos of what seemed like a sizable group of girls singing operatic chants. It sounded like sirens luring us from our leisurely touristic strolling. So we walked toward the sound. And what we found was actually a pair of young boys singing… yes, boys. Yes, only two of them. Utterly incredible. I have never heard anyone sing so beautifully… nonetheless a pair of teenage boys. All of us girls stood there, listening, swooning (it helped that they were pretty damn cute too). Their voices literally made me weak in the knees like some Disney princess lost in a stupor at the prospect of meeting her Prince Charming… can’t you just hear my audible, dazed sighing?

They call themselves the Ottawa Choirboy’s and were out in ByWard Market to perform and make some cash (best ten dollars I think I ever spent). We could have stayed and watched them serenade us for hours… but that would have been creepy. So after a while, we left. But we did make a point of thoroughly investigating them on Google and Facebook (was that friend request perhaps too much? Oopsie).

It seems the Canadians recognize true talent when they see it… here are the Ottawa Choirboys on the news (skip to about three minutes in to listen to them sing):

So beautiful. They also have a website and a twitter… though it seems they just started with their online marketing. But they do update their Facebook often enough. The pair go out to “busk” (perform for donations) in ByWard market a lot. I think they choose this spot by a mall entrance because of the good acoustics…

I’m drooling just watching the Youtube videos… oh boy. I’m sure they get that a lot. If we ever meet again, Ottawa Choirboys, how ’bout a nice coffee date, eh? I promise I won’t drool in your presence… though I may not be able to control my incessant giggling.

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