Europe Is Better Than America

Or at least European candy is better than American candy…

I grew up on Kinder Eggs. The most bomb-diggity chocolate candy to ever exist (sooooooo good that it makes me type things like bomb-diggity). Kinder (which is the German word for children) is a German brand that belongs to Ferrero–the same company that makes Nutella, Rocher, Raffaello and (didn’t see this coming) Tic-Tacs! The list you just read is essentially an exact transcription of my own list of yummy treats I love best (cue craving for Nutella).

But nothing quite compared to the Kinder Egg (which is actually called a Kinder Surprise… but I like Egg better). It’s made of the creamiest milk chocolate shell with a white chocolate lining on the inner part of the shell and inside is a magical plastic toy… yes, magical. But the chocolate is the real star… you’ve probably never tasted anything like it if you’ve never had a Kinder product. And for those of you Americans who grew up on those Hershey’s bars, please find the nearest ethnic or European grocery store, buy the original Kinder Chocolat and educate yourselves as to what real chocolate should taste like. Kinder chocolate kicks Hershey’s ass… it’s like comparing white truffles and mud.

During my trip to Canada, I was so fortunate to find a gas station that sold Kinder Eggs. It was like being reunited with a long-lost childhood sweetheart.


My traveller friend Anna had recently been in Spain where she became slightly addicted to another Kinder product- Kinder Bueno. Here is her ecstatic face when she found some in Canada…


Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to find Nutella, Rocher, Raffaello and Tic-Tacs in the states but a little harder to find the Kinder chocolate products. Sadly, it’s impossible to find Kinder Eggs because they have been banned by U.S. Customs. The child in me died a little when I learned that… but hey, it does give me more reason to travel!

4 responses to “Europe Is Better Than America

  1. Omg I grew up eating the Kinder Eggs, and then later on the Bueno came out in Australia, had no idea it was banned here in the States! It is amazing chocolate!

  2. The BEST chocolate. I didn’t know either until I googled them… at least there’s still other Kinder chocolates.

  3. Nice! If I was one to directly promote illegally activity, I would totally suggest that you try to sneak some across the border next time you visit… I wonder if those guard dogs can sniff out contraband chocolate too?

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