Victoria’s Secret Model For A Day?

One of my favorite things about my annual vacation with the best friends to Thousand Islands, NY is our trips up to Canada. Let’s face it folks, Canada is pretty much a better, cleaner version of the United States… and they speak French up there. It’s no surprise that we return to Ottawa, ON (Canada’s capital) every single year. Picture D.C. without the rundown ghettos of South East and an extremely impressive initiative to clean the streets and you have Ottawa. It’s a place to see and be seen. And every year, us girls revel in the chance to dress up and walk the sunny streets of this cute city with the hopes of being ogled by a Canadian native that could potentially whisper sweet nothings to us as we walk by… in French, of course. So naturally, when the time came to make our day trip, I donned my best blue dress (which was a steal at 17 bucks from H&M) and (erm, massively tall) wedge heels.

For the first part of the day, we enjoyed a nice stroll through Byward Market and the annual burger extravaganza at Zak’s Diner. And then our day took a turn for the unexpected and adventurous… it all started when we passed a rack of tourist-friendly bikes that could be rented for a whole 24 hours for only 5 Canadian dollars. How could we possibly pass that up?!?! We couldn’t! Like true tourists (read: cheesy Americans) we rented those bikes and set out to explore Ottawa in a new and exciting manner.

Now at 5’2″, I have a hard enough time finding a bike suitable for my height and these cookie-cutter bikes were hardly made to be easily adjusted. But thankfully the 4″ heels helped my feet reach the ground when I stood. And everything was going well as we all made our way through the city. That is until the wind picked up and, in doing so, exposed my purple underwear… for a good 2 hours. Whoops! The amount of free advertising Victoria’s Secret received out of my bike ride through Ottawa was enough that I should surely receive some sort of commission! Good thing I hadn’t chosen some unfortunate granny-panties. I would now like to take this time to offer my apologies to the good citizens of Ottawa for my indecent exposure… to the couple walking by the school, to the handsome, young man in a blue button-down, to the creeper staring at me through his truck window, to the innocent family of Asians wielding cameras, to the old woman in the mobile wheelchair and to all the construction workers I flashed as I rode by–I am sorry. Thankfully, all of these folks were too distracted to notice my face so they’d probably never recognize me! And I’ve made a memory I’ll likely never forget (especially since I’ve just permanently shared and exposed it to the interwebs). Hopefully I’ll get the chance to ride through Ottawa again one day. And when that day comes, I think I’ll wear shorts. Maybe.

4 responses to “Victoria’s Secret Model For A Day?

  1. Hahaha I can just see myself now on some random Friday night deciding to rent one because the T is closed and I have no cash for a taxi home from some sketch place in Allston…

  2. You can get a monthly membership. It’s pretty nifty.
    Although if you get stranded off-campus, I’d be remiss not to offer you a place to stay, haha.

  3. No hourly rentals? That’s a bit of a bummer. And let’s hope I never really get stranded!

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