The Best Ice Cream Known To Man


I have waited an entire year to taste the mouth-watering joy of The Guzzle’s red velvet ice cream in Thousand Islands. Every day during this past week I made my way to the quirky little ice cream parlor and every day my heart would drop a little because there was no red velvet to be found. But by the grace of whatever the heck may be up there, today, of all rainy, miserable days, I got to taste the best ice cream ever once more before leaving Thousand Islands, perhaps for the last time. There is nothing better than sweet cream cheese icing flavored ice cream speckled with chunks of real red velvet cake. My happy face is on.

One response to “The Best Ice Cream Known To Man

  1. Ooh, this looks amazing. I can’t wait to sample (and photograph) ice cream all around Europe! Just two days until my fall-semester-off travel adventure begins! 🙂

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