Clayton, New York is perhaps one of the smallest towns I’ve ever visited. A tourist trap with pricey specialty stores and a few bustling eateries. There isn’t too much to do or see in a town that spans only three parallel streets. But Clayton does have one crazy-good, must-see (er… must-eat) attraction—Bella’s. A cozy, family owned restaurant named after the little girl of the owner that’s continued to stay popular with locals and tourists alike.

I feel as if even my verbose writing can’t properly capture the incredible flavor experience that is Bella’s. Fresh signature sandwiches (with their own homemade bread ranging from healthy wheat to quirky flavors like honey) are their speciality. But Bella’s also makes delectable creamy soups, fresh salads, hot-pressed paninis and baked goods galore.

This time I tried the Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich with dried cherries and mixed greens. Again, no words for how melt-in-your-mouth-delicious that food was. And all the sandwiches come with a side of pasta salad with broccoli tossed every so lightly in olive oil. I don’t know how they make the simplest thing so wonderful and unique, but they do!

The atmosphere only adds to the beauty of the food. Everything is preppy—mismatched table clothes, old glass bottles of spring water as vases, bright stucco walls, eclectic paintings and framed photographs and an abundance of pastels.

It’s the kind of place and the kind of food that just make the soul feel lighter, happier.  And you can’t help but to lick the plate clean!

Om Nom Nom All Gone

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