The T.I. To-Do List

Thousand Islands is perhaps one of the most magical places on earth. We’re talking like vampires and werewolves in Forks, Washington magic– at least that’s what Allison says. It’s a natural beauty that makes you believe that nature is capable of things that you can’t even imagine. The water is a velvety indigo blue and the grass is a perfect spring-time green. And for some reason this beauty makes even the simplest of activities all the more enjoyable.

Things I’ve Done:

-Jumped off the colossal dock at Thousand Islands Park

-Bought ice cream and mango tea at The Guzzle

-Kicked ass at a hearts tournament

-Watched the sunset off the cliffs

-Ate the best sandwiches at the best sandwich place

-Eaten sinfully good cake at the Lyric Coffee House

St. Lawrence River

Things To Be Done:

-Visit Canada

-Marvel at the cigar boats

-Eat the best white pizza at the best pizza place

-Watch for shooting stars

-Roast marshmallows

-Watch a double header at the drive-in theatre

-Read in the hammock

-Wash my hair in the St. Lawrence

Girlies on the Dock

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