Summer Squash

I discovered the gastronomic beauty of summer squash last summer while working at The Orchard. We sell a lot of squash there and we even grow some of it. During one of our famous grilling weekends (do not let the name fool you, there is sadly no meat), I bravely expanded my culinary palette and tried a bite of green squash (better know as zucchini but typing that means taking the time to use spell check). It was perhaps the most delicious green thing I’d ever eaten (if we’re not counting green jello). Since that summer, I cook summer squash a lot (read: an excessive amount). I like it grilled, stir-fryed, from the oven, stuffed, drizzled with EVOO, sprinkled with oregano, with mushrooms, in pasta sauce, paired with chicken… you get the idea. But. No manner of preparation, no other recipe compares to the way I made squash today.

Excuse the poor quality of this photo, it’s from my camera phone. I just was not expecting for this to be good enough to need my camera. This grainy picture before your eyes is a tasty (and healthy) revelation. In all honesty, it’s not exactly the squash that shines in this dish. For me, it was really the cherry tomatoes paired with the squash because they burst warm tomato liquid when you bite into them.

To make your own Squash and Tomato Salad you’ll need:

-Four small summer squash, two yellow, two green, cut into rounds

-One pint of cherry tomatoes

-Quarter of a sweet onion, finely sliced

-Fresh parsley and dill, finely chopped

-Salt and pepper

Heat a lightly oiled pan on medium-high (use EVOO). Season squash with salt and pepper then sauté in pan for about five minutes. Add tomatoes and onions, continue to cook until skin on tomatoes starts showing small fissures (this means they’ll be really juicy), about three minutes. Lastly, add parsley and dill, toss to coat. Serve warm. This isn’t a dish that holds up well as a leftover so eat it all while it’s warm (not that that will be a challenge, trust me)!

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