Memories From Dubrovnik, Croatia

It was almost two weeks ago that I found myself in the center of the most prized city in the Balkan region. Nicknamed “The Pearl of the Adriatic,” Dubrovnik is Croatia’s claim to fame. The main attraction is the beautifully restored Stari Grad (which translates to the Old City). Encased by 14th century style stone walls, Stari Grad is like stepping back through time when Latin or Italian were the dominate languages. The architecture is distinctly European–grand columns with curly capitols, red clay roof tiles and stone statues of saints.


The city walls are exactly 2 kilometers around and are open for walking tours. From the Wall’s towers, you can see the entire Stari Grad.

My favorite part of the walking tour was the Sea Walls because you get a beautiful view of the endless expanse of deep blue that is the Adriatic Sea (which is actually a smaller part of the Mediterranean). The Sea Walls are built thinner because they’re built against rock cliffs.

One of Dubrovnik’s most popular cafes (Cafe Buža) is situated right against the Sea Walls with steps leading down to smaller cliffs–a popular spot for sun-tanners and brave swimmers.

Five minutes outside Stari Grad is a gorgeous local beach located right next to a private beach that is attached to EastWest Nightclub. No sand here–just little pebbles to sink into. The water is clear all the way down to the bottom and from far away, you can even see the depth changes in the water. The beach also has a great view of the Sea Walls and some of Dubrovnik’s docks.

The highlight of my summer (maybe even my life…) was sitting on the shore of this beach, sinking into the pebbles and letting the salty waves wash over me. Dubrovnik was, by far, the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. So alive with culture, art and history that you almost forget all about the sadness of the country of Croatia and the surrounding countries of former Yugoslavia have gone through. Utterly peaceful in all senses of the word.

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