Are You Writing?

Last night, my dad came to the door of my study and asked in a perky voice if I was finally getting around to writing. I wasn’t (online shopping for things I can’t afford and won’t really buy was far more pressing). He was disappointed. Well, dad… and mom… and any other readers I may have out there (if any)… I’m back.

I could take the time to detail all the wonderfully believable excuses I have for my brief disappearance (do you know how hard it is to get wireless internet on a sixth floor balcony in Tuzla?!), but that would hardly make for an interesting update. So we’ll skip ahead to the (very cheesy) renewal of my dedication to writing this blog.

While I was visiting family in Bosnia, everyone wanted to know what I was studying here in the states. How the hell do I translate “Writing, Literature and Publishing” with my fifth grade Bosnian vocabulary? How the hell do I even begin to explain Emerson? I couldn’t. Most people didn’t get it (my grandmother from my dad’s side of the family thinks I want to be on TV… where in the heck did she get that idea?). And maybe they never will… because what I have the pleasure of studying seems to be rare in other parts of the world. People are a bit more practical there. They study engineering or medicine or economics (can’t that be summed up in one word: shit?). Here I have friends that study photography, film, fashion and art. And I have friends that, like me, study words, sentences, paragraphs, commas and semi-colons. I study the English language and I love it, I adore it. I couldn’t imagine living without it. I don’t even think I could live anywhere else, not even the homeland, because I would miss the English language too much. And it’s because of that love that I could never give up on this blog–it’s my own virtual journal, my personal love affair with words. And one I get to share (at least with my parents, the dedicated readers they are).

So to re-answer your question dad… yes, I am writing. I will always write.

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