The Cutest Cousin

Here we are at dinner... she's basically my size but looks younger.

I have the cutest cousin, hands down. No one else could even compete with how cute she is. No matter that she’s ten years younger and almost my size, the girl is freakin’ adorable.

First, she has the cutest name—Amina (pronounced Ah-mee-nah)—a name that rolls right off the tongue and suits both a sweet, young girl and the graceful young lady she’ll grow up to be. She’s got freckles and blue eyes like our grandmother, chubby cheeks and heart-shaped lips like a child’s doll. She’s also got a crap-ton of sass. My little Amina is the sassiest little girl I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

And I think she really loves me! She watches me work and watches me cook. Yesterday, I made some pasta for lunch before I left to go work where I can get internet at one of Nuem’s many hotels, and apparently right after I left, she copied me and boiled her own little pot of pasta. Isn’t that just precious?! My uncle tells me she’s actually learning a lot from me—trying to cook, cleaning up after herself, washing the dishes, wearing her hair differently and so on. I’ve also taught her how to swim and play James Bond. It means the world to me that she looks up to me like that. After all, I only have one cousin, only her.

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