Real Food

Friends consider me a foodie… and from the amount of blogging I do about food, I’d say that’s a fair label to stamp on my forehead. Among the things I’ve enjoyed most about being in Bosnia, the good food is certainly towards the top of the list, along with gorgeous views and the best beach I’ve ever had the pleasure of suntanning at. Everything here is fresh, simple and absolutely delicious. Even the “fast food” is just like having a home-cooked meal. In fact, McDonald’s is just now coming to the town of Sarajevo (disturbing, but I’m glad my the homeland lasted this long without being overcome by the American fast-food monopoly). I have a feeling that it won’t be that popular here (at least I hope so). With a bakery on nearly every corner and fresh, seasonal produce readily available at a reasonable price, it’s be a shame to even step foot in a McDonald’s.

The best thing I’ve eaten since coming here (aside from, of course, the traditional fare of ćevapi and Tuzlanski beer) would be the seafood, because it’s so fresh–as in here-is-your-dinner-swimming-in-a-pond-while-still-alive-twenty-minutes-before-dinner-fresh.

Here is my dinner alive…

                  … and here is my dinner after a few minutes on the grill.



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