A Mute Makes Bad Company

Face of a Frustrated Mute

I like to call myself bilingual, but the truth is I have a crap-ton of trouble speaking Bosnian. I understand fairly well, so long as people aren’t speaking with technical or complex language. But putting together a sentence is nearly impossible.

When my dad’s cousins took me out for lunch and a beer, I was pretty much mute. They speak too fast. When I’m alone with my cousin, who knows very little English, I’m also mute because I just don’t know what to say! It’s a little heart breaking watching her, knowing she must be thoroughly bored of hanging out with the American mute. Meeting new people is also a hassle. They all want to know how life in the states is–how do I explain that the economy sucks, the housing market sucks, college is too expensive but I’d rather be there because I know I have some chance of getting a job, when I have the vocabulary of a five year old?! Simple, I don’t, I just say it’s nice. Yeah, I must sound like such a smart American.

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