Your Sunglasses Are Salty

Three days ago, I left Tuzla for Neum, Bosnia’s only seaside town. The water is deep blue, the sun is always out and the air smells of pure freshness.


The view from my window is unbelievable. I love how the town is built on a steep incline and the higher you go, the more beautiful the view. And the palms and flowers and fruit trees! It’s like a dream vacation, all tropical and blue!

Like a true America that’s never seen a real, clean beach, I marveled at the color and clarity of the water. I still can’t quite get over it! The is, of course, salty and at first I was a little turned off by the feeling of coming out of the water covered from split end to painted toe nail in a flaky film of sea salt, but one can get used to anything. My adorable little cousin made fun of me for wearing my sunglasses in the water and told me they’ll get all salty.

This is me with my salty sunglasses! Having the time of my life here in Neum!

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