Meat And Beer- The Bosnian Meal

My father has two cousins, Mirza and Emir. The former is about 30 and the latter around 22. Yesterday morning, they took me out to a nice lunch (though, having gotten up at 11, it was more like breakfast for me). Lunch (read: breakfast) consisted of meat and beer! Yum!


Tuzlanski Pilsner

Ćevapcici (ćevapi for short) are what I would consider the national dish of the home land. They’re a type of sausage made with ground meat, some onion for essence and always a dash of Vegeta. Typically, they’re served with flat bread called a lepina (usually with some greasy meat-juice poured over it for flavor),a crap-ton (yes, that’s the technical term) pile of onions and sometimes sour cream or another national speciality called ajvar (a spread made of peppers and eggplant). It’s pretty much a heart attack waiting to happen, but damn, is it good. We ate ćevapi at a restaurant called Limenka, where I had once been with my mother when we visited a few years ago. From what I remember, they’re supposed to be the best in all of Tuzla—I’d say they lived up to the reputation! My dad makes them pretty well too, but not quite the same. If you’re a true meat lover, I definitely recommend trying to make your own (but be sure to add some Vegeta)!

Afterwards, Emir lead us to a cafe-style outdoor bar for beer because the drinking age here is 18 (woop woop). The bar was crazy crowded (yes, another technical term). So many young people drinking, at one in the afternoon on a Friday no less! I tried my first Tuzlanski Pilsner (because, if I’m correct, that’s what mom says is best). In comparison to American beer (hey mom, dad, you might want to stop reading here for your own peace of mind), Tuzlanski Pilsner is incredible. Given, I’ve mostly tried low-end beers—Coors, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Corona, Rolling Rock—and the taste of piss water is expected with those. No piss water taste with Tuzlanski Pilsner (maybe that should be their slogan)! Pretty awesome breakfast if you ask me.

Sadly, the uncle I’m staying with is a vegetarian and doesn’t believe in drinking, so such meals are rare. So, Mirza, Emir, if you ever read this (which is somewhat doubtful), thanks!

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