Hello From Tuzla!

After a grueling 14 hours of flight and a 6 hour time difference, I’ve arrived in the homeland.
Two important things I’ve learned in the past 24 hours:

-The word “super” is universal, so is “hip,” interesting.

-American coffee is crap.

Flying was quite the experience. I came from Dulles to Zürich first. The Zürich airport is enormous and beautiful… there’s even a metro train to take you to different parts of the airport, because shuttles would be too pedestrian. And the shops in the airport–like someone went and built a Saks Fifth Avenue right in the middle, utterly ridiculous. From Zürich, I made my way to Vienna, a much smaller airport but still very nice. And Austrian Air has such interesting food! On my second flight they served this bready-pastry thing with two plastic containers of spreads. I saw a man two seats in front of me get them and sniff them both like they were the strangest things and I laughed. One spread was green and creamy, I figured it was probably something with avocados, and the second was the color of peanut butter and that’s what I expected it to be so I laughed at him for sniffing at it and not knowing what it was. Well, then I got my own portion and I guess the joke was on me cause it sure as hell was not peanut butter. I took a spoonful and tasted it and then I was the one sniffing at it. How disturbingly American of me to expect peanut butter in Austria! It was more like a toffee mousse and the green spread tasted just like sour cream with some sort of seed in it. Very interesting, but very good.

Internet is a little hard to come by, but I’ll be updating whenever I get the chance. It’s so lovely here, mostly cause it’s nothing like what I know. It’s a little thrilling to be so outside my daily routine and so outside my comfort zone. Even sitting on the plane I thought about how these are the experiences where you literally cannot know or expect to know what even the next few hours will bring. And such unpredictability is so beautiful.

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