“Ohana” Means Family…

… and family means no one gets left behind… or at least that’s what I gathered from watching Lilo and Stitch.

Much like Lilo, I don’t have a very big family. In fact, it’s just my parents here stateside (except for a third cousin once removed that I found out about a few days ago, but that’s a little irrelevant). So I have a lot of make-shift family and the word means something different to me. It means having Kelly to call in the middle of the night to pick me up so I can have a shoulder to cry on. It means having dinner in the dining hall with the same three friends, Lyndsay, Rob and Eric, every night. It means taking care of my crazy, adventurous Nicole when she’s had too much to drink and can’t go home. It means spending countless hours in dance rehearsal and backstage during recitals with the talented girls I’ve been fortunate to know–first my Poms, then the lovely ladies of Emerson Dance Company. So many of my friends have become part of my make-shift family. These people mean a lot to me, but it isn’t always enough to make up for the fact that there isn’t anyone else. However, this summer, well actually in four short days, I get the chance to be with my real, biological family. Yeah, that means I’m shipping off to Europe for a few weeks!

Let me take a moment to do my happy dance, because that in itself is too exciting. WOOP WOOP.

Okay, foolishness aside, I’m a little nervous. A little nervous because, while I understand the language perfectly well, I am always at a loss for words when I have to speak, and even if I can find the words, I have the sentence structure of a toddler (so, no sense of grammar essentially). I’m not even certain I’ll be able to greet any of my family… how awkward would that be! And I’m a little nervous because it’s been about a good five years since my one and only visit, and before that it was about seven years since I had left. So these people are pretty much strangers. But that can’t matter though, because this is the chance of a lifetime, a chance to fill a void, even if it’s only for a few weeks. My uncle (who I’m told speaks perfect English with an Indian accent, that should be interesting) was kind and generous enough to pay for my flight and I’ll be staying with him, my aunt and my only cousin, Amina. She’s ten but likely going to be just as tall as me I think, that too should be interesting. They are treating me to a week in Neum, the only costal city in Bosnia. According to google pictures, it’s freakin’ beautiful. Then I’ll be making the rounds, seeing grandmothers and my parent’s cousins and more and more real family.

It only really hit me now, as I’m writing this, how soon four days is. I should probably start packing.

Now I’m going to close with one last moment of excitement: EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK EUROPE.

Alrighty, all done. The plan is to keep blogging while I’m there, so stay tuned folks!

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