All I Do Is Eat

“Today felt like a productive day… I mean… well, we ate and spent money…”

“That’s productive!”

Fancy photographer Aaron had a quick meeting for a fancy photography job in downtown DC today. I accompanied him into the city and we spent the better part of the day eating. Per Aaron’s request, we ate at a “vintage pizza bistro” in Chinatown called Matchbox. The restaurant is a three-story maze of brick walls and glass ceilings that barely allude to the building’s past life as a Chinese grocery store. And they serve damn good pizza. We split a sausage and sundried tomato pizza made with ricotta, mozzarella, a balsamic reduction and a handful of fresh, shredded basil. Incredible. I think we spend a good hour just nomming on the pizza, which was decently large for the price too! But, as usual, dessert stole the show. Our (cute, blonde, blue-eyed) waiter recommended coffee & donuts so we gave it a go. The donuts were rich, doughy balls coated in cinnamon sugar goodness and the coffee was a mixture of espresso and kahlua cream made for dipping. So heavenly. I feel as if my days are just full of spending money and eating things, which isn’t bad at all, but it doesn’t make for much variety in my blogging. As much as I love to nom, it’s time to shift my focus on doing more and not just eating more (or at least not just blogging about eating more).

One response to “All I Do Is Eat

  1. I would just like to point out that Aaron’s knowledge of the Matchbox was a product of my taking him there. 😉 Glad you enjoyed!! It’s great.

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