So Many Noms

I used to be the kind of girl who would watch what she ate, choosing carrot sticks and cucumbers over chicken and mashed potatoes. But there is absolutely no fun in that. Dieting is a soulless manner of eating. So I gave up on that all together a while back and my taste buds have thoroughly thanked me for it. This certainly doesn’t mean I eat crap (because of course that isn’t good for you), but nothing stops me anymore from ordering something rich or having desserts and snacks without worrying about calories and all that jazz.


These past few days have been somewhat of a lavish feast! I took three other friends to Kafe Leopold’s for dessert and I think it’s safe to say they all loved it (but really, how could they not). For dinner,  fancy photographer Aaron and I went out to Rockville to eat at a place our French teacher used to rave about– a “country” french cafe and bakery called La Madeleine. Aaron and I walk in, expecting to be seated by some nice pseudo-French hostess, but alas, no hostess. So we stand there, increasingly confused, for a good couple minutes before a man, presumably the pseudo-French host, comes over, hands us menus and explains what is perhaps the strangest procedure for ordering food that I’ve ever encountered at a restaurant. Part of the menu is served from a dining-hall-style buffet, while an entrée is ordered from the host and one pays before sitting down. Very weird. But the food turned out to be incredible! I ordered Tilapia Rustique, which was perfectly cooked in a flavorful Chardonnay sauce and topped with salty tomato pesto.


Fancy photographer Aaron ordered a savory crepe that looked more like an omelette but tasted like the real deal. I have to say though, the strawberry “salad” we split was the best part of the meal. Nothing about the dish was really a “salad,” it was simply strawberries coated in a sour cream and brandy sauce. Now that might sound repulsive… but it was the farthest thing from. The sauce tasted almost like a sweet, alcoholic greek yogurt. Replicating that sauce had officially been added to my list of summer must-dos. That and going back to La Madeleine’s (and this time knowing what the heck to do when I walk in).

Guilt-free eating is one of the most freeing experiences I’ve had and it’s making summer a hell of a lot more enjoyable! I’m looking forward to making breakfast tomorrow with Tall, Dark and Handsome and maybe even getting some updates from fancy photographer Aaron’s new food blog venture (which you should totally go check out immediately and the subscribe). And remember readers: a salad does not a meal make.

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