DC Noms

As many of my friends know, I love to eat. So the past few days, my friend Joey has been taking me out to DC for yummy food. Some fun facts about Joey- he goes to George Washington University (and understands my desire for city life), he drives a fancy BMW (with crappy air conditioning), dresses like someone out of a Ralph Lauren catalogue most days and is in a frat. All these facts aside, he’s a really fun and awesome person! He also has a deep appreciation for fine cuisine, something we certainly have in common.

Wild Berry Pie

Joey first took me to Kramer’s, a cramped but cute bookstore and restaurant open into the wee hours of the night every day of the week. The front of Kramer’s (which is more formally known as Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe) is a disorganized mess of books straight out of an artsy literati’s dream. The back is a dimly lit, full service restaurant with wobbly wrought iron tables placed just inches away from one another. There is also seating on the second floor balcony which overlooks the bookstore. You can find anything from Italian comfort food to Moroccan-spiced cuts of lamb on the menu, but I’ve been told that Kramer’s pie is part of their claim to fame… though who knows how reliable of a source Joey is. However, I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed my Wild Berry Pie. I even ate the pie crust (which, lets be honest, is always the crappiest part) because it was so sweet and moist and flaky!


More recently, Joey took me to the famed Kafe Leopold in Georgetown. Talk about fancy dining. Georgetown is known for the extravagant and the expensive and Leopold’s is no exception. Tucked away from the main streets down a cobblestone road, the restaurant is secluded and exclusive, providing an escape from what can be a bit of an overpopulated dining scene. The staff certainly maintains the high class feel–Joey, our friend Alex and I were greeted by a tanned, blonde hostess donning a turquoise maxi dress that draped like a grecian toga–more model than hostess and I felt completely under-dressed.

Leopold’s whole Austrian-inspired menu is impressive, but the three of us could really only afford dessert and coffee on our college student budgets. I had the topfentorte (which is fancy Austrian speak for yummy, fruity cheesecake) and a melange (more fancy Austrian speak for coffee with milk and foam). These were perhaps some of the best dining experiences ever, so huge thanks to Joey.

Eating yummy things (and cooking them too) is one of my biggest summer goals and I love that I have friends who share the experience with me. Fancy photographer Aaron is even starting his own food blog! Yay for summer noms.

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