I’m Your Biggest Fan

I have some truly beautiful friends… no, I don’t mean like pretty (though, let’s be real, they all are) but beautiful in the sense that they are all confident, successful, ambitious and so talented. But there is one person that stands out most in my mind. His name is Aaron and he’s the fancy photographer I’ve mentioned once or twice in previous posts. I’ve known him for about eight years now, though we weren’t close until four years ago. It all started because he had this little senseless crush on me (yeah, don’t think I forgot about that!) and I was pretty damn clueless about that, but I did enjoy his company. He’s funny and witty and a little catty, but always thoughtful and beyond creative. Eventually (and without ever letting me know about it), he moved on from that crush and we became the bestest friends.

Here's a gem of a photo of us!

Aaron made the latter part of my high school experience bearable, and even enjoyable. We skipped class and bitched about bad teachers, we planned our futures and dreamed big, we cried when the stress became too much… well, I cried… he’s more the strong, silent type. Some of my best memories were made with this dork by my side. He was the person I vented to, the one that stayed up with me the night before a paper was due, helping me edit and asking my advice in return. Our senior year we decided to be adventurous one night after our senior banquet and we went trespassing and quarry diving. It was about one o’clock in the morning after a huge rain storm and we went with a few classmates we knew to this abandoned quarry that had filled with spring water, walking along these majestic railroad tracks and hiking through a muddy forest (in flip-flops, no less). The cliff was pretty tall and jumping off it was the most exhilarating thing I’d really ever done. Aaron didn’t jump with me, but in his defense, it was really scary looking. And if it wasn’t for him, I would have never done it. If it wasn’t for him, I would have never evolved into the person I am now, I would have never discovered my love for writing and I would have never set my heart on perusing what I love.

Since we graduated last June, we parted ways for college. I ended up in Boston and he in Savannah, Georgia (though both of us planned to end up in New York together). The distance was upsetting, but after watching him grow into an even more amazing photographer and artist, I know it was where he was meant to be. I think life has a way of making sure that happens.

My dearest Aaron comes back for the summer in June and I’m so excited to see him and to see his work! I’m really your biggest fan Aaron! But not in a creepy way of course… I mean, it’s not like I check out your website on a daily basis or anything… just sayin’.

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