Windshield Wipers and Raybans

Okay, okay, blogging daily is really freakin’ hard! But I promise I’m going to get better (anyone wanna take bets on how many of these promises I make before a. living up to them or b. essentially failing?).

So I guess I should explain the blog title first… because it’s really very indicative of how I’m feeling at the moment. Today I was driving home from a quaint little area of the Maryland suburbs that reminds me a little of Beacon Hill in Boston. It was pouring rain, like buckets and buckets of rain. My windshield wipers were on full blast and looked as if they were about to give out on their spastic wiping. And at the same time, the sun was beaming like it was high noon in mid-July. Now usually all of this extreme weather impairing my vision while driving on main roads would piss me off like none other. But it was just so damn sunny and rainy, that I couldn’t help but be a bit awed by the weather. It reminded me of what I’m trying to do with this summer–notice only the beautiful… and that sure was a beautiful sight. Now here’s where the cheesy life metaphor comes in… that little girly, romantic part of me thought about how my journey this summer through all the ugly to find the beautiful was a lot like the perseverance of that obnoxious sun, shining despite the heavy rain. Okay, cheesy moment over… here’s a picture of the rain-sun brought to you by my reckless driving habits! Don’t do this at home, readers.

Bipolar weather certainly hasn’t been the only beautiful thing in my life. These past few days have actually been really good to me! I’ve caught up with good, old friends, bought a new book of short stories, and taken up another new hobby–journaling!

My inspiration for this little project came from one night at Emerson when I got sushi with a good friend and sat in her dorm room, unwinding before going back to finish a brutal lit paper. While sprawled out on her floor, I started sifting through the pages of a moleskin notebook (how posh) that turned out to be her roommate’s. It was filled with collages, paintings, drawings, doodles and costume designs and I was so jealous by how creative it was! So I made my own. It’s an interesting experience working in a journal because sometimes one page is its own creative entity but at the same time, each pages also means something else in the context of all the other pages.

In addition to my little new hobbies, work has also begun to consume my time. For those of you who don’t know, I work for a small family-run orchard that does pick-your-own fruit and have worked there for about three years now. Mostly, I work the register or do stocking. Mostly, I’m bored out of my mind. But I do work with some really great characters! One of my favorite employees (I guess she’s one of my bosses) is our resident flower-gal… let’s call her Lucy for the sake of anonymity (I would still like to be employed after this post). Lucy is the most cheerful person I have ever met. This is by no means an exaggeration, the woman is always freakin’ happy. She always remembers my name (yeah, not all of my bosses do, go figure), always makes small talk and always looks on the bright side of any situation. And she always has interesting little projects. Lately it has been collecting pesky stinkbugs in a jar of cotton. Very amusing. Another perk of the job is all the fresh fruit. May is strawberry season and holy hell are the strawberries good this year. You can smell how good and ripe they are. I made a yummy strawberry and blackberry smoothie from them.

And on that note, I think I’ll get back to my smoothie.

Until tomorrow, blog-verse!

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