Day One

So really it’s day two… I may have dropped the ball about finding time to blog everyday already. I’ll get better though, I promise.

My first Friday home was absolutely wonderful! I’d forgotten how nice it was to have my own space and be able to do things on my own time. I’d also forgotten what real sunshine looks like! Don’t get me wrong, Boston is gorgeous… but there’s something the Maryland suburbs have that Boston didn’t seem to… perpetual sunshine! After spending what seemed like an entire year in an arctic tundra, this weather is a blessing. Here are some other things that made Day One really freakin’ awesome…

Good Food. Here’s something the blog-verse should know about me… I love food. Buying it, cooking it, smelling it, eating it… and whatever else you can do with it! I started the day with cinnamon oatmeal and honey greek yogurt. Then for lunch I had cous-cous with chicken sausage, mushrooms and chickpeas. YUM. It’s been a while since I’ve had a kitchen to cook in (I blame crummy dorm rooms) and I’ve really missed it! I’ll be sharing my favorite recipes sometime with you all eventually. For dinner, I came home to my mom’s french toast. She really makes the best french toast. Another recipe I’ll make a note of sharing.

Good Friends. Slowly but surely, all my friends are coming back from their respective colleges. But not all of them are staying home for the summer. It’s a little heartbreaking watching everyone go their separate ways. I got the chance to have coffee with my good friend Matt who is leaving for New York in a week. You see, he’s kinda an incredible theatre person. He directs and acts and has two internships in the city this summer. That’s pretty incredible for a freshman and I feel a bit like a proud momma blogging about him like this. But I am really proud to see the people I grew up with for seven years accomplish the things they’d only dreamed about until recently. So as sad as I am to see him go, it’s for the best. His sarcasm and wit will be missed though.

Rural Driving. I’ll be the first to admit I hate driving… and it’s a deep-seeded, blind and passionate hatred. It’s stressful and there are all these other people in all these other cars vying for a piece of the road. And then there’s parking… all these other cars crammed between faded white lines where the rows are barely separated enough to back out of a spot. Yeah, I really don’t like driving. But, of course, there is one exception and that exception is driving on the beaten up rural back roads of my Maryland suburbs. The roads are narrow, barely wide enough for two cars… but that don’t matter much because there are rarely other cars. My favorite is the view… it’s like being swallowed up whole by green during the spring and summer. It’s peaceful and not even the best DMV radio station can compete with the humming sound of nature and little tweeting birds. I may be partial to the city, but nothing compares to relaxing on country roads.

That’s about it for Day One. And I’ll probably be posting about Day Two today since it actually is Day Two… and hopefully, I get better at keeping up.

One response to “Day One

  1. I feel precisely the same way about driving. Thoroughly stresses me out, unless it’s on rural back roads, which are incredibly relaxing.

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